I'm Abby, a 27 year old retail store manager for an incredibly cute shabby chic/vintage homeware and giftware store called Chickidee.

I absolutely adore baking and used to run my own home based cake business called BakeAbella. I have a huge passion for music and anything music-related, alongside a slight tendency to spend money on clothing and beauty products that I often don't need.  I also have a keen interest in health and fitness, resulting in me constantly researching and playing guinea pig to the latest diet and exercise crazes.

I enjoy writing and have done since primary school where I was the first pupil to win an award for creative writing.  I continued to excel and gained a grade A in both my English Literature and Language GCSE and I cannot express my regret for not pursuing writing at college.

I created Between Today + Tomorrow for one sole purpose; to get myself back into writing.  With thousands upon thousands of blogs popping up every single day, I aim to keep my part of the blogosphere unique.  There is nothing more dull than reading post after post about the same beauty product (cough Apocalips) hence why my blog includes a bit of everything.  This blog is about my life and what interests me, so if you like a bit of variety in your blog feed please follow me.

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